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Poplars Zamocha, ApHC N 674397, 05/24/2013, FPD 100%, GAP6, Negative 5-Panel

Poplars Zamocha is a 2013 all black GAP6 Appaloosa stallion. His pedigree is so extensive it fills a 3-ring binder. He is lp/lp. For those unfamiliar with appaloosa genetics, the mutation that causes spots is incompletely dominant. A simple example would be a cross between two spotted appaloosas, whose genotypes would be written LP/lp and LP/lp. Lower case lp indicates recessive genes. The resulting offspring would have a 50-50 chance of being spotted like its parents, LP/lp. It would also have a 25% chance to be LP/LP with two dominant copies which suppresses the spots. In one instance out of four, the foal would be lp/lp, non-characteristic and solid in color yet still Appaloosa. Such a horse is Poplars Zamocha, a genetic treasure and when bred to mares LP/LP, the results should be spots all the time. Stay tuned for the 1018 foal crop when four of his foals will be running up and down the pasture.

BCA Tofoz Chatanga, ApHC 673206, ICAA F5 2646, 03/18/2013, FPD 100%, GAP5, Negative 5-panel


BCA Tofoz Chatanga 

 BCA Tofoz Kagoshima is now at Top Gun Ranch in Duck Lake Saskatchewan





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