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BCA Tofoz Shandalupa


Shandalupa's Pedigree

BCA Tofoz Shandalupa is the poster girl for our Young Mares page. Shandalupa with her half sisters BCA Tofoz Fudasan, BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi, constitute our 2012 crop of GAP 5 fillies, 6th generation if you are counting by FAHR standards. If you are unfamiliar with the wording, GAP 5 means that the horse has five generations of registered Appaloosas with the ApHC on both top and bottom of the pedigree. Fudasan and Pahsimeroi delivered GAP 6 colts in 2016. Shandalupa is with foal by AHF Loyal Heart, a GAP 5 stallion for Appaloosa Hillside Farms in Williamstown, Massachusetts for a 107 GAP 6 foal.

These three 2012 mares, along with 2013 filly BCA Tofoz Dublspring and 2014 filly BCA Tofoz Padopani, constitute our seed corn. If not high lighted here with direct links, the pedigrees of all of our horses are on allbreedpedigree. com.

BCA Tofoz Fudasan


BCA Tofoz Fudasan with her 2016 colt by BCa Tofoz Chatanga, BCA Chats Shinaku GAP 6. Fuda has been bred back to Chatanga for another GAP 6 foal in 2017. Older photos of Fuda below.




Fudasan's Pedigree

BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi


BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi with her 2016 GAP 6 fewspot colt by BCA Tofoz Chatanga, BCA Chats Yamahawk. Pahsimeroi has been bred back to Chatanga for another GAP 6 in 2017.

Pahsimeroi's Pedigree  



  Pahsimeroi's Pedigree

BCA Tofoz Dublspring, DOB April 26, 2013, GAP 5, filly


 BCA Tofoz Dublspring delivered a tri-colored leopard colt in 2017 by AHF Loyal Heart, BCA Heartbeat Tango, GAP6, who will mature over 16 hands.

BCA Tofoz Padopani, DOB 02-27-2014, GAP 5 Filly


BCA Tofoz Padopani is a full sister to BCA Tofoz Shandalupa and BCA Tofoz Chatanga. She will be bred for the first time in 2017 to Poplars Zamocha for a GAP 6 foal.


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