Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

BCA Iron White Star and  BCA Zamos Muldoon
Rearing in Play Fight

Torii at Blue Creek Appaloosas Home Ranch Property
(With BCA Zamos Iron Bog and BCA Chats Yamahawk)

BCA Zamos Iron Bog

Poplars Zamocha

BCA Zamos Juliaca, 2019 GAP6 Filly!

BCA Tofoz Shandalupa

BCA Kagos Dazaifu, 2016 GAP5 colt!

Our first herd at summer pasture on Lone Pine Ridge. Roll call left to right: Nugget, Frosty, Brandy, Quanah, and Shiloh. Downhill and behind them in the Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pines is their corral on Blue Creek at Burlingame Meadow.

Frosty, Patchy, Shandalupa, Desi, Fudasan, Thunder, Pahsimeroi, Hawk

The Horses have a new pasture on Klicker Mountain Road, in the winter sunshine!

Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead of time. We still have horses in the Blue Mountains in summer time but for the winter months we are less than 3 miles from the center of Walla Walla at 3010 Canberra Drive--easy to find and visit. Phone # and email are on the contact tab. Thanks for looking in on our horses!

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