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The primary focus at Blue Creek Appaloosas is on Foundation Appaloosas. We breed old and generally unrelated lines together to deepen, refine, and enhance the gene pool. For 2012 we hit a Trifecta with three GAP 5 fillies, the dams of which are 100% FPD on ApHC standards and come from Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas and Sharon R. Johnson's Sunset Hill Appaloosas. The mares include DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk, DREA Patchyrainwater, both fewspots and presumably homozygous for the LP gene, and SHA Patchobys Design, a terrific near leopard and heterozygous. The sire is BCAP Tobys Fossil, our 100% FPD near leopard stallion, obtained from Dan and Debra Stubblefield's Rafter DS Ranch. The offspring have five generations of Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding on both sides of the pedigree, conformation, disposition, and color. The fillies are as follows:


BCA Tofoz Fudasan “Fuda”, DOB 3-25-2012, black snowcap with star and snip, LP/lp, EE, out of

SHA Patchobys Design by BCAP Tobys Fossil;


BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi “Simmer”, DOB 4-3-2012, near leopard out of

DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk by BCAP Tobys Fossil;


BCA Tofoz Shandalupa “Shandy”, DOB 4-9-2012, black with blanket and spots, LP/lp, Ee, out of

DREA Patchyrainwater by BCAP Tobys Fossil.


BCA Tofoz Fudasan, DOB 3-25-2012, GAP 5, Fossil and Desi's foal







BCA Tofoz Shandalupa, DOB 4-9-2012, GAP 5 Blanketed Filly





                                                   Shandalupa's Dam, DREA Patchyrainwater


                                                                        Shandalupa's Sire and Dam


From her mother's side, DREA Patchyrainwater, this is the genetic background of the foal:

From her Grand Dam, Oaks Patchy Cloud:

Tumalo, Arab Toswirah Alkhar, Chief Malheur, Chocolate Sunday, Kings Gold, Pride of California;

Monas Daydream, Red Eagle 3, Red Eagles Peacock,

Peacocks Domino, Painters Marvel, Painter III, Old Painter;

Wolfs Tiny Bar, Three Bars;

Wolfs Bobby Socks;

Surprise Patch, Reptile, Freckles, Patch, Toby II, Toby I, Rex, Patchy, Patches, Baby Patches;

Warrens Tribal Dance, Patchy Jr., Patchy 3, Patches 3, Baby Patches 3, Sundance 500 2, Cooterville Norells Little Red,

Ding Bob;

Radars Tonya Appaloosa, Storm Cloud F., Red Eagle, Freels Chico, Stubby, Patches, Patchy, Baby Patches, Sundance 500;

Summation, Red Eagle 4, Sundance 500 3, Patchy + 4


From her Grand Sire, DREA Comanchebluhawk: (also the sire of DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk)

Oaklahoma, Mansfields Comanche, Traveller;

Prince Solid Joker, Prince Plaudit, Red Plaudit, Juaquin, Banjo, Joker B., Chief of Fourmile, Leo, Joe Reed;

Sutter’s Sass, Simcoes Snowy Rock, Simcoes Sarcee, Simcoes Chinook, Red Eagle;

Kaniksues Komanchie, Storm Clouds Speck, Storm Cloud F., Red Eagle 2, Painter III 2,

Rapid Lightening, Toby I, Rex, Lucy 2, Sam Fisher's Horses

Toby Starfire,, Toby I, Rex, Lucy, Little Dan, Knoby, Sam Fisher;

Prince Joker A, Joker B., Prince Plaudit, Red Plaudit, Juaquin, Banjo, Missoula Break;

KC Dottie O Day, Rodeo Day, Johnny Moccasin, Miss Bozeman;

Imperials Joker,  Joker B., Ma-Ka-Eta, Tomahawk II,

L Manes Freckles, Freels Chico, Stubby, Knobby, Guy Lamb's Horses,

Chief Chelsea, Desert Night, Minnie Pearl;

Dun Rovens Indian Penny, Goldern Glow, Kuhalot,

The Boss Hoss, Banjo,

Sullys Chavelle, Bambie E. Woodrow Shiek, Sundance 500, Buddy Britches;

Pratts Tobena, Chocolate Sunday, Pride of California, Checkers, Toby I, II, III, IV, Wynonahs Freckles,

Summation: Red Eagle 3, Joker B. 3,

Both sides of Rainwater: Red Eagle 7, Sundance 500 4, Painter III 3, Joker B. 3, Freels Chico 2,

Coming Soon: the full story of BCAP Tobys Fossil

BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi, DOB 4-3-2012, GAP 5 Filly






Pahsimeroi witih her dam DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk and by BCAP Tobys Fossil. DOB 4-3-2012 6 AM.





                                                  DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk in tall pasture

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