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BCA Tofoz Padopani, Fossil and Patchy's third foal


BCA Tofoz Padopani (Comanche for "see how deep the water is") was born on February 27, 2014. She is the third of three foals from this successful mating, joining BCA Tofoz Shandalupa and BCA Tofoz Chatanga as full siblings. All three siblings are black with white blanket and black spots! 


BCA Tofoz Dubleagle, BCAP Tobys Fossil and DREA Imnaha Blksundy's 2014 Colt




BCA Tofoz Dubleagle was born on 4-5-2014. He is apparently a black homozygous snowcap. He is DREA Imnaha Blksundy's first foal and she has Wakons Navajo Eagle on top and bottom of her pedigree, hence the name of this stunning new GAP 5 colt! Dubleagle is going to be famous. Watch him grow at BCA.

BCA Tofoz Tiburon, 2014 Filly from Fossil and Frosty



BCAP Tobys Fossil and Frosty Nugget Patch's filly arrived on March 15, 2014. Frosty's first foal is 90% FPD registered with the ApHC as BCA Tofoz Tiburon. Tibu is for sale! She is a sweetheart. Jamie wanted to nickname her "Walmart" because she slips out under the bungee gate to greet visitors.

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