Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

BCA Chatfu Waatnuwas: gloss black filly, LP/LP EE aa, 

more great get from Chatanga, full sister to Shinaku, note how closely they 

look alike, out of BCA Tofoz Fudasan. Waatnu, whose name is Sahaptain and 

means "Spirit Seeking Place," will be staying at BCA for our breeding 

program and another potential GAP7 in 2021.

BCA Heartbeat Pasxa: Beautiful black filly, GAP6, lp/lp, carries one

copy of PATN1, Ee aa, negative 5 panel. 

Pasxa is by AHF Loyal Heart and is the first foal from 

BCA Tofoz Shandalupa. Pasxa will be staying at Blue Creek Appaloosas 

for our breeding program and a potential GAP7 in 2021! Pasxa is the 

Sahaptain name for Balsam flower which grows profusely in our summer 

pasture. The place is known as Pasxapa, and the people are Pasxapu. The 

"x" is pronounched like a "ch" ergo Pascha.

BCA Heartbeat Tango: gorgeous tri-colored GAP6 leopard, EE Aa, 

LP/lp and has two copies of PATN1/PATN1.

Tango is by AHF Loyal Heart and out of BCA Tofoz Dublspring.

Tango is at home in Walla Walla with his new owner Annette Low.

BCA Chatspah Kinchi: solid black colt, EE aa, lp/lp, full brother to the 

fewspot colt from 2016, BCA Chats Yamahawk. Another great get from BCA 

Tofoz Chatanga, and out of BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi. Kinchi is in his new home in 

Menifee, California at Wild Wind Ranch and his new owner Michelle Meyer.