Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

2019 Foals

2019 is going to be an exciting spring at Blue Creek Appaloosas. We are expecting 6 foals, 4 by Poplars Zamocha, all GAP6 and 2 by BCA Tofoz Chatanga, GAP5's.

The Poplars Zamocha foals will be, in order of their dam's due dates:

March         15          Dublspring

                   24          Sunspot

                   24          Pahsimeroi

July             ??         Shandalupa

Chatanga Foals: 

March         2           Desi

                  26         Sundy

Watch for photographs and more extraordinary names such as Bocawatchi, Varika, Double Mountain, Tadaima, Kayuna, Firefly, Pinawawi, and Nuksay. But we haven't ruled out Muldoon, Shikoku, Kaizen, or Konoba either. We also haven't ruled out keeping our website more up to date. Blue Mountain Land Trust will sponsor another "Learning on the Land" visit to Blue Creek Appaloosas on Saturday, April 6th, 2019, where participants get an up close and personal experience to the horses as well as scientific explanations of why and how Appaloosas get the spots they do or don't.

Poco un poco bit by bit little by little we are realizing the horse breeder's dream of setting type in a herd.