Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

2019 Foals

2019 was an exciting spring at Blue Creek Appaloosas. We have 6 foals, 4 by Poplars Zamocha, all GAP6's, and 2 by BCA Tofoz Chatanga, GAP5's. 

2019 Poplars Zamocha foals:

March        19          Pahsimeroi's Foal - BCA Zamos Pinawawi

                   22          Dublspring's Foal - BCA Zamos Juliaca

                   23          Sunspot's Foal - BCA Zamos Konobo

July            4           Shandalupa's Foal - BCA Zamos Bocawatchi

2019 Chatanga Foals: 

March        17         Desi's Foal - BCA Chats Kayuna

                   26         Sundy's Foal - BCA Chats Nuksay

Poco un poco bit by bit little by little we are realizing the horse breeder's dream of setting type in a herd.