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Foundation Appaloosas


Blue Creek Appaloosas is a breeding ranch for Foundation Appaloosas. We are one of a handful of such breeders, mostly in the United States but some of which are in Canada, various European countries and elsewhere. Some of the pedigrees of our horses go back to those of the Palouse Native American Sam Fisher. The ultimate goal of the FA movement is to create purebred Appaloosas by breeding only Appaloosa to Appaloosa and not out crossing or cross breeding with any of the other fine light breeds of horses. If a photograph of a horse lacks a link to a pedigree, please know that all of our horses' pedigrees are available on the fine website,

BCA is a small operation with about 20 head of Foundation Appaloosas. We are expecting our four GAP7's and four GAP6's in 2022! Our foals are imprinted at birth. Many people comment on how relaxed our horses are and easy to be around.

We focus on disposition, conformation, and color, seeking outstanding individuals who excel in all three categories. Our horses receive basic natural horsemanship training and leave the premises eminently suitable for western pleasure and trail riding. Charles Potts put more than 500 miles on SHA Patchobys Design in 2014 including over 100 miles on the 50th Anniversary of the Chief Joseph Trail Ride in Wyoming and Montana. We are at a large distance from the bright lights and big Texas city for the National and World competition, but we show locally and regionally as time permits and our facilities are available for several youth in 4-H programs and otherwise.

BCA is a member of, among other organizations, The Appaloosa Horse Club of Moscow, Idaho, The International Colored Appaloosa Association (ICAA) of Shipshewana, Indiana, Sundance 500 International, The Appaloosa Project,  and the Walla Walla Wagon Wheelers.

The proprietor Charles Potts grew up with Appaloosa horses in Lost River, Idaho in the 1940s and 50s. He went 48 years without horses and established BCA in 2008 to investigate the genetic possibilities of Appaloosa horses. Thank you for visiting our pages and know that you are welcome at the ranch as well.

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