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We have asking prices and we are happy to negotiate, especially with Foundation Appaloosa breeding programs. Make an offer. Prices will ultimately be determined, as they once were by Debra Stubblefield at Rafter DS Ranches: it all depends on our mood and your attitude.

Poplars Zamocha is Looking For a New Home
Poplars Zamocha's Pedigree

$5,000. BCA can also consider a 3-year lease.

We will have a dozen Poplars Zamocha foals. Enough in other words. We believe Poplars Zamocha has more Appaloosas and more Appaloosa genes in his pedigree than any horses except his GAP6 offspring. 
Inquiries please call 509-240-2941.

BCA Zamos Iron Bog
BCA Zamos Cherakna
BCA Zamos Chamula
BCA Zamos Juliaca
BCA Zamos Pinawawi
BCA Zamos Bocawatchi
BCA Zamos Konobo
BCA Zamos Tukanon
BCA Zamos Red Deer
BCA Zamos Replica
BCA Zamos Tuusi

BCA Tofoz Fudasan - Pedigree

BCA Tofoz Fudasan is a great Gap5 and F5 mare, proven producer, green broke, with foal to BCA Chats Yamahawk. 2 for the price of 1!

BCA Tofoz Fudasan ApHC 670725, ICAA F5-2637. 2012, will be 8 years old in 2020.

$5,000. 50% down payment will hold her until her 2020 foal is weaned, probably September 2020. She is only offered because we are running out of room and need to make space for some GAP7s in 2021.

BCA Chats Shinaku and BCA Chats Waatnuwas, Fudasan's 2016 and 2017 foals.

Foals and Yearlings for Sale

BCA Zamos Konobo - Pedigree

Outstanding near leopard GAP6 stallion prospect, great movement and forearms, Pratts Sully Fire twice on his dam's side.

BCA Zamos Replica - Pedigree

Black except for the whites of his eyes. Great NC stallion prospect for those of you with LP/LP mares. GAP6.

BCA Zamos Tuusi - Pedigree

Well-built leopard stallion prospect out of BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi, GAP6, LP/lp PATN1/n.

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