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Reference Stallions

BCA Zamos Iron Bog, ApHC 685011, DOB 03-31-2018, Black near leopard colt, EE, LP/lp, PATN1/n

BCA Chats Nuksay
DOB 03-26-2019, heterozygous, roan w/ white blanket and spots, 5-panel N/N.

Poplars Zamocha
, ApHc N 674397, 05/24/2013, FPD 100%, GAP6, Negative 5-Panel

Poplars Zamocha is a 2013 all black GAP6 Appaloosa stallion. His pedigree is so extensive it fills a 3-ring binder. He is lp/lp. For those unfamiliar with appaloosa genetics, the mutation that causes spots is incompletely dominant. A simple example would be a cross between two spotted appaloosas, whose genotypes would be written LP/lp and LP/lp. Lower case lp indicates recessive genes. The resulting offspring would have a 50-50 chance of being spotted like its parents, LP/lp. It would also have a 25% chance to be LP/LP with two dominant copies which suppresses the spots. In one instance out of four, the foal would be lp/lp, non-characteristic and solid in color yet still Appaloosa. Such a horse is Poplars Zamocha, a genetic treasure and when bred to mares LP/LP, the results should be spots all the time. 

Poplars Zamocha's Pedigree

BCA Tofoz Chatanga
, ApHC 673206, ICAA F5 2646, D.O.B. 03/18/2013, 100% FPD, GAP5, Negative 5-panel

BCAP TOBYS FOSSIL, ApHC # 661478, D.O.B. 04/16/2009, 100% FDP

BCAP Tobys Fossil is Negative 5-panel.







                                                                                     Patchy and Fossil


                           Pedigree                                 Fossil's Photos

BCAP Tobys Fossil or "Fossil" for short, our reference stallion, is now standing at Desert Spirit Appaloosas in Powell Butte, Oregon. Get in touch with DSA for some outstanding stud service. DSA's website is in our links section. Fossil was Sundance International's Foal of the Year in 2009!

A near leopard 100% FPD, Fossil is by Ulrichs Cheyenne 458276 out of War Starnight 611854. There are at least eighteen leopard horses on his sire's side alone, plus horses of the caliber of Leo, Joe Reed, Traveler, Red Eagle, Knobby, and the Painters. On his dam's side many more leopards and Money Creek's Rockledge, Chief Navajo, Siri Sheik, Sundance 500, and the Tobys I, II, and III!

All ten of Fossil's foals to date are healthy, strong, athletic, and obviously recognizable as colorful Appaloosas: three lepards, five black foals with white blankets and spots, and two snowcaps. They are what we strive for here at BCA: color, conformation, disposition.

Fossil has great legs and feet, is already 15.3 and has the sweet temperment associated with great Appaloosas. Fossil has been started under saddle and performs like a champion.

Here at Blue Creek three of our mares, SHA Patchobys Design, DREA Patchyrainwater, and DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk, delivered 2012 fillies by Fossil, all GAP 5s, all gorgeous. See them on the "2012 Foals" page. The mares delivered three more GAP 5 foals in 2013, two colts, a leopard from Desi, BCA Tofoz Kagoshima, a blanketed stud from Patchy, BCA Tofoz Chatanga, plus a to die for filly from Hawk, BCA Tofoz Dublspring.  In 2014, DREA Patchyrainwater gave birth to a filly, BCA Tofoz Padopani,  Frosty Nugget Patch gave birth to a filly, BCA Tofoz Tiburon, and DREA Imnaha Blksundy, gave birth to a great little snowcap colt, BCA Tofoz Dubleagle. 



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