Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas

Sold Horses

In addition to the neighboring and nearby states of Oregon, Idaho, California, and Montana, Blue Creek Appaloosas are now resident in Saskatchewan, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania.

Sold to Primed~N~Painted Acres - Dan & Stachia Bjergo of Hill City, Minnesota

BCA Chats Nuksay

BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi

BCA Tofoz Shandalupa

BCA Nuksays Nooksak

Sold to Ghostdance Appaloosas - Verna Roberts of Lyons, OR

BCA Chats Yamahawk

Poplars Zamocha

BCA Tofoz Chatanga. The forefather of many of BCA's horses, Chatanga passed away in 2022.

Ghostdance Juma


BCA Tofoz Dublspring is now at home with Carleen Neves of Rogue River, Oregon.

Chevyos Sunspot is now at home with Carleen Neves of Rogue River, Oregon.

BCA Zamos Muldoon is now owned by Alexa Maine of Walla Walla, Washington.

BCA Yamas Misqualu is now owned by Jan Dobson of Foggy Valley Farms, Tennessee.

BCA Chats Kayuna is now owned by Leslie Spires of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

BCA Zamos Replica has found a new home at HH Appaloosa Ranch in Deer Park, WA.

BCA Tofoz Fudasan is happily at home in Olympia, Washington with her new owner Joanne Jordan.

BCA Zamos Tuusi now lives with Lynette Ramirez in Ontario, California.

BCA Zamos Iron Bog is now with Darla Palicia in Pennsylvania.

BCA Zamos Konobo, aka "Atom" is with Mardelle Mauck in Boring, Oregon.

BCA Tofoz Padopani and BCA Zamos Tukanon now have a new home with Mariana Burdelis and Max Thornburg in Ridgecrest, California.

BCA Chats Tsumago is living the good life in Southern Oregon, with Chansonette Buck of Ashland. The only leopard at his new facility (Rogue Valley Equestrian Center), he has earned the title "His Spottedness." He loves his big pasture and his BFF, 20-y/o OTTB Buster.

DREA Imnaha Blksundy is now at home in Burns, Oregon.

BCA Kagos Dazaifu is now at home in Duvall, Washington with his new owner Katherine Lang! 

BCA Chats Shinaku is now at home with his new owner Jeannie Perino, in Oregon city, Oregon!

BCA Tofoz Kagoshima now belongs to Dorothy and Gerald Mezzo at Top Gun Ranches in
Duck Lake Saskatchewan!

BCA Chats Kinchi is now with Michelle Meyer at Wild Wind Farm in Menifee, California.


BCA Tofoz Tiburon. Congratulations to Mary Norstebon Horgan of Mountain Home, Idaho! Now in Parelli training. 

 BCA Tofoz Dubleagle. Congratulations to Patty Stone!


 Frosty has found a new home with Sue and Les Thario of Great Falls, Montana.  Congratulations!


 Fourmile has found a new home with Sue and Les Thario of Great Falls, Montana.  Congratulations!



Skips Latte Nugget has found a new home with Doris and Dwight Ferguson of Lewiston, Idaho! 


DREA Imnaha Ladyhawk. Congratulations to Trish Christian & Hawkeye Ranch Appaloosas of Brayton, Iowa!


 RHA Shawnee Sis has become Trail Riding companion to Kathryn Snyder of Pocatello, Idaho. Congratulations!


RHA Comanche Moon gave birth to "Freckles" a black blanketed filly by BCA Tofoz Kagoshima with her new owner, Larry Boast of Mabton, Washington. Congratulations!



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