Blue Creek Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas


We are offering stud service in 2023 for Appaloosa mares only with preference shown to foundation Appaloosas. Basic fee is $1000, mare care is $10 per diem. Mares covered at BCA will be hand bred or pasture bred.

BCA Iron White Star

E/e, a/a, n/PATN1, LP/LP. This coming two-year-old fewspot stallion prospect is going to make perfect matches with our black mares, breeding for a field of spots in 2024. He is out of BCA Chatfu Waatnuwas and by BCA Zamos Iron Bog. GAP 7, F7, a big link in the future chain of purebred Appaloosas.


BCA Zamos Red Deer

E/e, A/a, LP/lp, GAP6. No PATN1, but with a 50% white blanket, RD displays evidence that there is a white marker or markers as yet undifferentiated and testable that could be as strong as PATN1? The geneticists as UC Davis suggest that there could be several genetic contributions to Red Deer’s whiteness. Red Deer also carries DMRT3, the gaitedness gene.

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