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We are offering stud service in 2020 for Appaloosa mares only with preference shown to foundation Appaloosas. Basic fee is $500, mare care is $10 per diem. Mares covered at BCA will be hand bred.

Poplars Zamocha, ApHC N 674397, 05/24/2013, FPD 100%, GAP6, Negative 5-Panel

Poplars Zamocha is a 2013 all black GAP6 Appaloosa stallion. His pedigree is so extensive it fills a 3-ring binder. He is lp/lp. For those unfamiliar with appaloosa genetics, the mutation that causes spots is incompletely dominant. A simple example would be a cross between two spotted appaloosas, whose genotypes would be written LP/lp and LP/lp. Lower case lp indicates recessive genes. The resulting offspring would have a 50-50 chance of being spotted like its parents, LP/lp. It would also have a 25% chance to be LP/LP with two dominant copies which suppresses the spots. In one instance out of four, the foal would be lp/lp, non-characteristic and solid in color yet still Appaloosa. Such a horse is Poplars Zamocha, a genetic treasure and when bred to mares LP/LP, the results should be spots all the time. 

Poplars Zamocha's Pedigree

BCA Chats Yamahawk, Sundance Internationals Foal of the Year 2016. Fewspot, EE, LP/LP, PATN1/PAYN1

BCA Zamos Iron Bog, ApHC 685011, DOB 03-31-2018, Black near leopard colt, EE, LP/lp, PATN1/n

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